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     1I (Kake) often have trouble explaining to people why the Open Guide to London is better than other London guide sites.  So I set up this page so you can all help me come up with articulate reasons.  Please braindump.
     3 * Geographical Data. The ability to show what's within a certain proximity of a site, to show how far away the nearest tube station, bus station, train station, taxi rank or whatever. In my opinion this is OpenGuides key selling point. - <i>beowulf</i>
     4 * Written by real people with real opinions, not journalists.
     5 * No profit motive, no ads, so pages load quickly. - <i>being honest I don't think OpenGuides loads quickly -beowulf</i>
     6 * Free for reuse, so can be repurposed by others to expand its usefulness.  Many of the ways this will happen haven't even been thought of yet.
     7 * Indexing. Each page can belong in one or more categories and locales. Locales are used to designate the location, and categories for more general purpose classification. Each category or locale has a page associated with it.
     8 * RDF/RSS feeds are available that other sites can use for syndication. For example, Live Journal has a feed from The Open Guide to London called "London Wiki".
     9 * It is a wiki. Obvioulsy then people have to get why wikis are great.
     10 * Yes -- and this is about its potential for the future. At the moment, being honest, London Eating is probably better for food, and Fancyapint for pubs, and so on, but the Wiki means that given a bit of word-of-mouth and a fair wind, the Open Guide could snowball to become the best, and from there it could far surpass what's currently out there. - <i>Optique</i>
     11 * One reason it is currently worse is no calendar or events. Could there be a role for a simple "What's On in the Next Seven Days" page, linked from front page, organised by date?
     13=== See Also ===
     15 * by IvorW
     16 * by Kake
     17 * ''Add links to any other sites where OpenGuides has been written about''