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Fixed URL of website checkout.

Making changes

The project website is maintained in subversion.

The former should only be used for testing and not pointed at as a public resource (it has a robots.txt to deter this).

Changes should always be made in preview and then merged (using svn merge) to publish. (but don't merge the robots.txt across!)

Merging in more detail

Subversion 1.5 should make this easier but assuming you don't have that yet, here is (probably not that elegant, I'm sure there are better ways) how to merge some changes from preview to publish:

Starting from your working copy website (which should be a complete checkout of into one place):

svn up preview
svn log preview|less

Note down the revision before you started, and the revision of your most recent change - ie the two revisions that would give you a diff of your changes if you asked

svn merge preview@[first revision number] preview@[second revision number] publish
svn commit -m "Merge foo changes to publish"


At the moment, changes in both branches are not automatically reflected in the web server. To actually push out the changes from subversion, someone in the ogweb group on urchin needs to run the command

$ svnup ogweb-preview
$ svnup ogweb-publish

as appropriate. This is currently dom,kake,nick.

I hope to replace this procdure with post-commit hooks in the future.