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Nov 28, 2005, 1:23:54 PM (16 years ago)
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A history lesson


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     3The original guide to London, GrubStreet, ran on Usemod software. It has the advantage of being extremely simple to install, as it consists of a single monolithic Perl script. The only prerequisites are to have perl installed, and Apache (though any other http webserver will do).
     5The drawbacks with Usemod left it up to us to design and implement a replacement:
     7 * Development of Usemod is out of control
     8 * A single arcane, monolithic Perl script is too much of a barrier
     9 * There were corruption and permissioning issues with the flat file data
     10 * There was no revision control of the wiki pages beyond a few days or a few revisions
     12Because The Open Guide to London was migrated from Usemod, OpenGuides uses essentially the same markup language. This has given us a number of legacies:
     14 * Double square brackets for internal links
     15 * Title has hyperlink to search for all linking pages
     16 * External links are presented in square brackets
     17 * Page names for meta pages are prefixed by "Category", all instances of which appear on a page "Category Category"
     18 * Usemod is not searchable, apart from a title search - so we wrote our own body text search, which was migrated across to OpenGuides
     19 * No authentication layer and vulnerability to WikiSpam