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So you can sensibly customise or style templates, the following page exists to give you a crash course in the standard templates.

Key Templates

These are the templates you are most likely to want to style - The node view page

Is responsible for most of the display on the node view page, except for the core metadata (done by


  • google maps, if required
  • node content
  • nodes within distance
  • geo (lat+long, x+y)
  • rdf link
  • old versions link

Supports the hReview and Geo MicroFormats - The node metadata include

Displays the main metadata for a node page. (Doesn't do versions, or position - does those)

Supports the hCard MicroFormat. - The home node page - The edit node page

Other Templates

These are other templates in openguides, but which you don't often end want to style / change.