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    1 See [ the svk wiki].
     1SVK provides a facility for making mirrors of [wiki:subversion] repositories.
    3 svk provides a facility for making offline changes to CVS repositories. It's available as a CPAN module, but note that it needs the perl bindings to subversion, which the default Debian subversion package doesn't have. You need to apt-get install libsvn-core-perl before you install svk.
     3The easiest way to install SVK is
    5 The basic instructions for getting started are in the wiki. Add any points of particular note to the OpenGuides project to this page.
     6  apt-get install svk
     9for Debian. It's available as a CPAN module (with its own dependencies), but note that it needs the perl bindings to subversion, which are not available by default.
     11Here are some quick commands to get you started (set up the SSL certificate if you haven't already done so, see [wiki:subversion]):
     14  svk depotmap --init
     15  # Respond Y to the question
     16  svk mirror //openguides/trunk
     17  svk sync //openguides/trunk
     18  svk mkdir -m "Local branches" //local
     19  svk cp -m "Local OpenGuides" //openguides/trunk //local/openguides
     22Now, when you want to start making changes, check out of your local branch:
     25  svk co //local/openguides
     28You now have a working copy in ./openguides; most svn commands will work, but remember to use svk instead of svn. There's also a complete lack of hidden .svn directories and other nasties that can get in the way - nice! You can also work completely offline at this point, checking into your local branch.
     30If other changes have happened in the trunk, use svk pull. When you are ready to commit, use svk push.
     32== Links ==
     34 * [ Bieber Labs Tutorial]
     36 * [ Version Control with SVK (book)]
     38 * [ SVK wiki]