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Both OpenGuides and WikiTravel produce ResourceDescriptionFramework output for their pages. It is probably desirable, given the similar scope of the two projects, that both use an interchangeable format. Let's use this page to work one out.


What do we want to list?

  • Page metadata
    • Name
    • Revision date
    • Comments about this revision? (or is that better modelled as a property of a Revision class, rather than a property of the page?)
  • Physical metadata
    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone
    • Fax? (how often is the fax field completed? is this unnecessary duplication of information?)
    • Postcode/ZIP
    • URL
    • Categories
    • Locales
    • Opening hours?
    • Summary? (like the stuff that goes in the "summary of this node" field)
  • Contributor Metadata
    • Nickname
    • Real Name (optional)
    • Mailbox hash, e.g. foaf:mbox_sha1sum (optional)
    • Homepage/FOAF URI/some other target for rdfs:seeAlso (optional)


Example of current OpenGuides RDF:

Example of current WikiTravel RDF:

What does OpenGuides do in RDF that WikiTravel doesn't?

  • As far as I can work out, the major feature that OpenGuides has is RDF describing the "thing" the page is about, not just RDF about the actual wiki entry. This is a really valuable feature imho. (TomHeath?)

What does WikiTravel do in RDF that OpenGuides doesn't?

  • Supports a range of output formats (Turtle and NTriples, as well as RDF/XML). The OpenGuides doesn't do this AFAIK, but I could be wrong. (TomHeath?)