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There will be a pub meet and hackfest in Oxford during the weekend of 8th-10th December 2006. More details will be provided in due course; this page is just here as a placeholder and way of confirming the date. All the details below are not set in stone.

Likely schedule

  • Pubmeet/dinner on Friday evening to socialise and discuss some general issues
  • All-day hackfest and further detailed discussion on Saturday, and possibly more pub


Please add your name to this list. Email addresses are helpful, but if you dislike putting your address on a public web page, you don't have to.

NameEmail addressPub on Friday?Hackfest on Saturday?Accommodation required?Accommodation arranged
Dominic Hargreavesdom@…yesyesn/an/a
Nick Burchopenguides@…yesyesn/an/a
EarleMartinsee home pageyesyesyesno