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There will be a pub meet and hackfest in Oxford during the weekend of 8th-10th December 2006 for participants in both the OpenGuides and OpenStreetMap projects. The weekend well be fairly fluid in order to cater for whoever turns up, but there is a rough schedule below:


  • Friday evening: Pubmeet/dinner to socialise and discuss some general issues
  • Saturday: All-day hackfest and further detailed discussion on both projects during the day
  • Saturday evening: more pub, or head to London for the BBC Backstage Bash
  • Sunday: Introduction to mapping with OpenStreetMap. Help make the OSM coverage of Oxford even better! GPSes provided.


Please add your name to this list or email your interest to dom@…. Email addresses are helpful, but if you dislike putting your address on a public web page, you don't have to. Sorry, for spam avoidance reasons you need an account to do this - see [AboutThisTracInstall].

NameEmail addressPub on Friday?Hackfest on Saturday?Accommodation required?Accommodation arranged
Dominic Hargreavesdom@…yesyesn/an/a
Nick Burchopenguides@…yesyesn/an/a
EarleMartinsee home pageyesyesyesno
Ivor Williamsivorw-openguides@…yesyesyesno


  • Friday evening: pub in central Oxford TBC.
  • Saturday: Attendees will be emailed my (Dom's) address separately.