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    2626 * Saturday: Attendees will be emailed my (Dom's) address separately.
    2727 * Sunday: meet in central Oxford, location TBC.
     29== Plans ==
     31The Friday evening should be a mixture of socialising and discussing some of the more general aspects of OpenGuides (and OpenStreetMap/free data in general).
     33Some general areas for discussion:
     35 * Development in OpenGuides: we have lots of open [report:1 tickets], what are the priorities and how can we ensure that they are taken care of?
     36 * Scaling: currently we have one guide per city or region; do we need to rethink this to be able to provide a global view of the world?
     37 * In conjunction with the above: can we present a single portal for OpenGuides traffic?
     38 * Integration with other geo systems: Can we mashup OpenGuides and OSM data sets in a way that people want, rather than lots of duplication of effort?
     39 * Technological improvements: FastCGI, mod_perl, OpenLayers+OSM, some Class:DBI/MVC framework needed?
     40 * Installation/deployment improvements
     41 * Default styles: a nice default look and feel is long overdue. Chasing Torchbox or doing it "ourselves".
     42 * Spam filtering and authentication frameworks
     43 * Anything else that people think of, or that stems from our bug list.
     45Saturday daytime should largely be a hands on hacking session where we can start improving OpenGuides again based on the discussions the previous night. I would expect to start around 10am and work until 5pm with a break for lunch.
     47Hackspace probably won't be available past then, as I am going to the backstage bash with at least some other OpenGuides people. This is a bit inconvenient but Oxford is close enough to London that I hope people can manage both.
     49What happens on Sunday depends on when people turn up really. I would expect more OpenStreetMap people, and it would probably be worth doing some public promotion of this event (tie-ins with OpenGuides/OSM - not much public promotion of OpenGuides has happened yet. Can we base ourselves somewhere central, prominent and warm to have a base and send people out mapping? Do we need to get a venue for this where members of the public can wander in?