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     3I am pleased to announce the 2008 OpenGuides hackfest, to be held in Oxford, UK.
     5= When? =
     7 * Saturday 18th October 11am-8pm
     8 * Sunday 19th October 11am-5pm
     10= Where? =
     12 * Oxford University Computing Services, Banbury Road
     13   <>
     14 * Travel info: <>
     15 * Note: the front door is locked at the weekend; either make a prior
     16   arrangement with us to arrive at a specified time, or be prepared to
     17   use a mobile phone when you arrive to be let in.
     19= What? =
     21Here are some ideas for what we could do:
     23 * make a CSS design suitable for shipping with the default OpenGuides
     24   distribution
     25 * implement a global OpenGuides portal
     26 * improve the mobile device support of OpenGuides
     27 * improve the user interface of OpenGuides
     28 * fix/triage a hundred and one little bugs
     29   <>
     30 * meet like-minded people, hack, socialise, maybe even do some Oxford
     31   data collection if you want to get out in the open
     32 * work on integration with Open Street Map
     33 * anything else OpenGuides-related that you can think of
     35= Beer =
     37The Oxford Beer Festival <>
     38is running from Thursday 16th October to Saturday 18th October.
     39Possibilities include a lunchtime excursion on Saturday, or an evening
     40meetup on Friday evening. Bear in mind that it is recommended to arrive
     41by 6pm on the Friday in order to avoid long queues.
     43= Connectivity =
     45 * Wired and wireless access
     46 * Bring a laptop if you have one!
     48= Food and drink =
     50 * Tea and coffee will be available during the day
     51 * There are plenty of sandwich shops in the vicinity for lunch,
     52 * There may well be an evening meal on the Saturday evening
     54= Accommodation =
     56There are several possibilities for hostels, B&Bs and hotels in Oxford
     57if you are coming from outside Oxford and looking to stay on Friday or
     58Saturday night. Additionally if you are on a budget and would like to
     59crash on someone's spare room/floor, let us know (see below for contact info)
     60and we'll try and hook you up with someone.
     62= Sign up =
     64Please let us if you will be attending (so we know who to expect, and
     65total numbers), and whether you would be interested in a visit to the
     66beer festival on Friday, or a meal on Saturday (including dietary
     67preferences/requirements), by emailing us:
     71Note that emailing us doesn't compel you to come, so even if you're
     72not sure, we would appreciate an email.
     74= Questions =
     76Email us: