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Moving database setup before OpenGuides software installation.

This page is an attempt to create structured documentation using the PostgreSQL online documentation as a guideline.

  1. About OpenGuides
    1. What Is OpenGuides?
    2. Why Use OpenGuides?
    3. What Alternatives to OpenGuides exist??
  2. Setting Up An OpenGuide
    1. The OpenGuides Network and domain hierarcy
    2. Having Someone Else Host Your Guide
    3. Setting Up Your Own Guide
      1. An Overview of the OpenGuides Software
      2. Setting Up the OpenGuides Database
      3. Installing the OpenGuides Software
        1. Installing from Debian Packages
        2. Installing with /
        3. Installing by hand
        4. Installing from the Subversion Repository
      4. Configuring Your Webserver
  3. Running Your OpenGuide
    1. Writing Entries
      1. Categories and Locales
      2. Metadata
      3. Licensing
    2. Changing the Appearance
      1. Stylesheets
      2. Custom Templates
    3. User Authentication and Spam Prevention
    4. Google Maps Integration
    5. Encouraging Contributions
  4. Tweaks, Hacks and Optimisations
  5. Troubleshooting