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"Freshness info" is #1 - removing. A couple of formatting fixes.

Should be moved to bugs in trac

Pick name for recent changes page

Added by Earle on 11 December 2003

Since you get to pick the name of the home page at install time, you should also be able to choose what you want the page of recent changes to be called.

Option to pre-bake some pages

Added by Kake on 6 December 2003

Might be nice to offer the option to pre-bake some pages on edit commit, particularly frequently-used pages like the front page. This would mean that the recent changes could be out of date by a bit. Maybe pre-bake it on any edit, not just of itself.

Pub/Restaurant? Wizards

Idea by Mark, added here by Kake on 27 November 2003

For making new page creation as easy as possible. See discussion on list.

Cachability investigaton

Added by Dom on 24 November 2003.

We ought to check that the wiki is as cache-friendly as it can be. I'll have to read up on this but it probably means making sure that we do the right thing with HTTP headers for Last-Modified and Cache-Control where there is no cookie set (clearly if a cookie is set we can't allow caching - which also needs checking if not already)

"Comment on this page" box

Added by Kake on 1 November 2003.

A type-into box on each page that you can use to just add a comment. This lowers the entry barrier to contributing - people are used to commenting on things. One box for comment, another (mandatory, I think) for name. The comment would be added to the bottom of the content with something to mark it out as a comment.

Probably good, as it might stop people making disjointed comments in the main part of the content (bad IMO - people should integrate their views into the existing prose unless there is a conflict of opinions) -- Dom

Indication of nonexistent categories on preview page

Added by Kake on 1 November 2003

I would like some indication when previewing an edit of whether a category I've typed into the category box already has some nodes in it. This would help me spot whether I've spelled something wrong or used plural when I should have used singular, for example.

This might be too great a hit on the database. I've not checked.