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Add feeds stuff

  • Get CGI::Wiki using a better database structure
    • should use an ID and not the node name as the key done
    • have foreign key constraints where possible done
    • investigate what indexes might become possible
  • Support moderation in CGI::Wiki done
  • Support per-node moderation in OpenGuides, via the new CGI::Wiki moderation interface
  • Support renaming of nodes in CGI::Wiki done
  • Support renaming nodes (via calls to CGI::Wiki)
  • Command line interface to the database
    • rename node support done (cgi-wiki based)
    • delete node (will need to remove category links, locale links etc)
  • Come up with some nicer default templates
  • Provide more ways to get the data out in a syndicatable format
  • Supply some nice examples (perl, php, any others?) for how to use the syndicated data
    • Ask on list for what stuff people are already doing with it - done
    • Come up with a list of a few more possible uses - InterestingFeeds
    • Document with code examples - UsingFeedsInCode
    • All being documented under the umbrella of FeedsIntro
  • Investigate OpenStreetMap integration
    • Christopher Schmidt is also working on this, so will try to co-ordinate with him