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OpenGuides distribution

  • Metadata address fields #18
    • In progress
  • Separate install of software from install of guides #36
    • New targets for ./Build #36
    • multi-guide configuration and admin CGI
    • Tests to use SQLite by default #36
  • Standardise RDF / XML stuff
    • custom metadata fields
    • Creative Commons Licence info
    • RSS feeds for everything where this makes sense
  • Mirrored guides
    • Read only guides
    • Pull function to grab a page from another guide
    • Show attribution of source guides
    • Redirect edit requests to source guide
  • Intelligent merging for concurrent update of wiki pages

Other CPAN modules

  • Automate plug-ins, provide standard hooks
  • OpenGuides mirror (OpenGuides::RDF::Reader)
    • parse RDF correctly, recognise and process attributes correctly
    • guide mirror to import major/minor change and comment
    • Page disambiguation for multiple sources
  • VCS::Lite
    • Support for line termination options (in progress, includes RT ticket 12868
    • Migrate highlight function from CGI::Wiki::Plugin::Diff
    • Improve handling of merge conflicts

Scripts and tools

  • Bulk page renamer
    • DBI/SQL script that will work across all supported database platforms