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     1Another hackfest was due to take place in London during the weekend of the 21st/22nd July '''but has been cancelled'''. This follows up from the successful hackfest in June and the [wiki:OxfordMeetup2006 2006 Oxford hackfest].
     3== Methodology for triaging bugs ==
     5Gather round someone's computer, have a look at each ticket in turn, and decide what to do with it. A decision for each ticket should be made, one of:
     7 * resolve wontfix
     8 * resolve fixed (because it's already been fixed)
     9 * lower the priority to unimportant or lower
     10 * assign to someone to fix during the weekend
     11 * assign someone to deal with it in the next month or so.
     12 * change type to 'enhancement'
     13 * refactor the ticket into smaller issues, then one of the above for each
     14 * poke existing owner (if ticket is accepted by someone) then one of the above
     16== Priorities ==
     18We should work primarily on 'defect's.
     20We could work on enhancements if we get time in the end.
     22We should look through the enhancements lists to see if there are any that should really be defects.
     24Here are some quick links to the ticket listings:
     26[report:11 Defects]
     28[report:12 Enhancements]