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Add user specific recent changes

It is really very easy to get feeds out of openguides. In fact, many openguides will include RSS links all over the place, just to help you.

Generally speaking, just adding ;format=rss onto a normal url is all that is required to get an RSS feed of that page.

Recent Changes

You can get to the recent changes list by adding ?action=rc onto the wiki link, and then the RSS feed by adding ?action=rc;format=rss , such as becomes;format=rss.

The RSS version contains lots of useful information. Firstly, it contains a list of the links to the recently changes pages. Then, for each changed page, it contains lots of metadata, including:

  • A link to the page
  • The title of the page
  • Who edited the page, and what comment they included on the change
  • When it was edited
  • If this was a new page, a minor edit or a major edit
  • A link to the rdf of the page

It is also possible to constrain recent edits to just one user. Such feeds will contain all the information above, but be specific to just one editor. Simply add ;username=(User) to the link, eg;format=rss;username=NickBurch


When searching, like with recent changes, you can request the RSS version of the search results. Details to follow

Normal Pages (Nodes)

For any node, you can request the RDF version of the node, simply by adding ;format=rdf to the url, such as,_Charlbury becomes;format=rdf.

The RDF version again contains lots of useful information, such as:

  • What categories the node belongs to
  • What locales the node belongs to
  • What the address, phone number etc of the place are
  • What the lat and long of the place are (and what the OSGB x and y values are, UK only)
  • Who last edited the node
  • What hours the place is open


Sometimes, you want to dump out a whole guide in an XML format, eg when importing into something else. Details to follow