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To Do


  • Address all the bugs
  • Get rid of all mentions of "Locale" and "Category" in node titles
    • We'll need a conversion script.
    • "Locale" needs to change; the word is too ungainly. I suggest "Area". Example usage: "Areas: Leytonstone, Leyton".
    • Additionally, automatic creation of locales/categories should be disabled.
  • (Effectively) Boolean search
    • Search for pages tagged with Foo, Bar, Baz... (AND search)
    • This will tie in very well with the API. Basically we get style searching.
    • Also NOT searching - tagged with Foo, Bar but not Baz.


  • Perform fuzzy title match before committing to create a new node
    • Minimize (eliminate?) duplication; reduce housekeeping work.
  • Wizard for creating new pages
  • Phone number normalisation/validation (?)
    • User preference to display international code
    • Checkbox at edit time: this is a London number (default: yes); auto-inserts area code as defined in config
    • User-defined regexes in config for validating postcodes/phone numbers
    • Validation as config option
  • Index of all pages
    • Grouped by letter, with numeric threshold to split into sub-pages.
  • Numerical search scores in regular search should be optional


  • API
    • See note above about Boolean search.
  • Direct querying
    • Ask for and receive individual units of metadata about given nodes.
    • Receive data, "none found" or "no such node".
    • Optional RDF format.
  • RDF output options
    • Full content or no content
    • Full content in raw wiki text or rendered HTML
  • CGI::Wiki plugins
    • Authentication
      • Tricky. Requires database. Doubt I'll write this one.
    • Spam protection


  • Leaflets/stickers
    • Pitch to student unions
  • Beer mats (suggested by IvorW)
    • Handy to leave lying around in pubs
    • useful for scribbling on and giving to people
  • Business cards (suggested by IvorW)
    • Generic cards with no name
    • Personalised cards for key individuals


  • Maintenance script (?)
    • Distribute with install; run to clean DB of dodgy characters, etc.

  • "Search for this tag on"
    • Link in template nav on category pages:
  • Locale definition
    • Editable image map coords for defining locale boundaries - click through to a map with JS widgety thing for recording click coords.
      • A braver soul than I with shining JavaScript? of steel can try this.


  • Move CGI::Wiki::Plugin::GeoCache? into templates and delete the module.