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Publicity suggestions

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To Do


  • Address all the bugs
  • Get rid of all mentions of "Locale" and "Category" in node titles
    • We'll need a conversion script.
    • Categories should be renamed "Tags". Everybody knows about "tagging" these days. According to the cool kids it is "Web 2.0". So let's make it easier for people familiar with this convention to pick up. Example usage: "Tagged as: Restaurants, Indian Food, Vegetarian Food".
    • "Locale" also needs to change; the word is too ungainly. I suggest "Area". Example usage: "Areas: Leytonstone, Leyton".
    • Additionally, automatic creation of locales/categories should be disabled.
  • (Effectively) Boolean search
    • Search for pages tagged with Foo, Bar, Baz... (AND search)
    • This will tie in very well with the API. Basically we get style searching.
    • Also NOT searching - tagged with Foo, Bar but not Baz.


  • Perform fuzzy title match before committing to create a new node
    • Minimize (eliminate?) duplication; reduce housekeeping work.
  • Wizard for creating new pages
  • Phone number normalisation/validation (?)
    • User preference to display international code
    • Checkbox at edit time: this is a London number (default: yes); auto-inserts area code as defined in config
    • User-defined regexes in config for validating postcodes/phone numbers
    • Validation as config option
  • Index of all pages
    • Grouped by letter, with numeric threshold to split into sub-pages.
  • Numerical search scores in regular search should be optional


  • API
    • See note above about Boolean search.
  • Direct querying
    • Ask for and receive individual units of metadata about given nodes.
    • Receive data, "none found" or "no such node".
    • Optional RDF format.
  • RDF output options
    • Full content or no content
    • Full content in raw wiki text or rendered HTML
  • CGI::Wiki plugins
    • Authentication
      • Tricky. Requires database. Doubt I'll write this one.
    • Spam protection


  • Leaflets/stickers
    • Pitch to student unions
  • Beer mats (suggested by IvorW)
    • Handy to leave lying around in pubs
    • useful for scribbling on and giving to people
  • Business cards (suggested by IvorW)
    • Generic cards with no name
    • Personalised cards for key individuals


  • Maintenance script (?)
    • Distribute with install; run to clean DB of dodgy characters, etc.

  • "Search for this tag on"
    • Link in template nav on category pages:
  • Locale definition
    • Editable image map coords for defining locale boundaries - click through to a map with JS widgety thing for recording click coords.
      • A braver soul than I with shining JavaScript? of steel can try this.


  • Move CGI::Wiki::Plugin::GeoCache? into templates and delete the module.