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     1== Openguides commit policy ==
     3In order to ensure that OpenGuides development happens in a controlled way and with peer review, the following points need to be adhered to when contributing code (this is especially true for people with direct commit access to [wiki:Subversion Subversion], but also relevant for those submitting patches via the mailing list or Trac.
     5=== Code style ===
     7==== Indentation ====
     9Follow the existing indentation style which is 4 spaces. Literal tabs are not used in OpenGuides development (if you are using vim, the following in your ~/.vimrc may help:
     12set tabstop=4
     13set expandtab
     16=== Before committing ===
     18Before committing changes to the repository, you should ensure that all tests continue to pass (and if you have added more code, that you include new tests for it). If you're adding a new feature it's probably best to have discussed things first on the dev mailing list or on an enhancement ticket within Trac. You should most probably have an open ticket for the issue in any case.
     20=== When to commit ===
     22Sometimes the release manager will call the tree frozen to allow a release to happen. '''No''' changes to the tree should be made when the tree is frozen except by the release manager. I intend freeze points to be shown on the Trac roadmap.
     24=== How to commit ===