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     1Stuff here should be merged into bugs in trac.
     3Tasks that have been assigned.
     5==== Index by locale and category simultaneously ====
     7Added by Kake on 1 November 2003.  Assigned to Kake on 27 November 2003.
     9The indexing URLs such as;index_type=locale;index_value=West%20End
     10are great for listing nodes by locale alone, or category alone, but you currently can't do both at once.  Libby Miller mailed me wondering why.  She uses the RDF interface to the London OpenGuide - see the bottom of for examples.
     12I would like to be able to do;category=Restaurants;locale=West%20End;format=rdf
     14This complements Ivor's suggested search improvements rather than replacing them.  The two approaches could share some code though.
     18==== Map URL not shown ====
     20* Reported by Mark.
     21* Added by Kake on 17 November 2003.  Assigned to Kake
     23If you don't have anything but a map url and a OS coords for something, then it doesn't show any of the bullet points for that entry, and hence the map URL isn't shown.
     27==== Postcode search ====
     29Added by Kake on 1 November 2003.  Assigned to Kake.
     31Search box to find all things near a given postcode.  Not by looking up and transposing into lat/long, but by matching on the postcode district or sector.
     33This requires patching CGI::Wiki::Plugin::Locator::UK, which requires patching CGI::Wiki, which requires sorting out the rats nest of CGI::Wiki's