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    11= What? =
    3 The OpenGuides project is five years old. Come and socialise with fellow developers and users!
     3The OpenGuides project was five years old. A small celebration was held in June 2008.
    55= Where? =
    1111 * Saturday 21st June, 12 noon onwards
    13 = Signups =
     13= Notes =
    15 Definitely not compulsory, but if you're an user feel free to say you're coming at
     15This was definitely a social occasion but some vague notes on OpenGuides-related discussions (and let's face it, others) are available:
     17 * Atom publish support for OpenGuides interesting - esp for mobile devices?
     18 * OpenSocial / Google - provides things like commenting, and enrichens user experience just by dropping some JS into your page
     19   * has an article?
     20 * Discussing of rewriting OpenGuides to be a Catalyst app. Ivor is working with Catalyst and has some ideas about how it could be done.
     21 * database - Dom to try and resurrect this site on urchin and let the community decide whether to use it again or move content to randomness
     22 * Akismet - should be using this or something similar for spam protection - outsource!
     23 * Summertown shops - Dom to go on a spree to cover his area in the Oxford guide
     24 * "No login required" - Janet points out that a little message like this next to the "Edit this page" link may make it clearer how the wiki should work; people might assume otherwise that behind the "edit" link lives a login/signup page
     25 * Good beer guide - London people are already doing this, Oxford should get some GBG categories (also a good way to expand pub listings)
     26 * - random interesting way to do takeaways online (Socks mentioned having a separate site just for take-away menus online and someone else mentioned this)
     27 * Zoho - alternative to Google Docs (very much an aside)
     28 * OSM PDF - can we have a way to let people print out directions to a place with OSM mapping data (OSM already lets you download a PDF of a view)
     29 * Braindogs - Artem's band!