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For spam-avoidance reasons, sadly we have been forced to restrict modifications to this system to registered users. To register, please request an account by emailing dom at earth dot li with your chosen account name (and a couple of alternatives) and a password hash. You can do this with the htpasswd tool:

htpasswd -n your-chosen-username

If you don't have htpasswd (a utility that comes with apache) handy, feel free to send me the password directly, but don't use one you use anywhere else!

If you have any problems using the site you can either email me, or create a new ticket with type 'task' and component 'trac' and I'll pick it up.

Notes for tickets

The following components are used:

The debian-packages component was used for tracking bugs in Dom's debian packages. Now that that has been uploaded to Debian, please use the Debian bug database instead.

The following keywords are used:

  • patch: if a patch to fix the problem is attached, or otherwise supplied
  • check: note that the issue needs chasing up

Submit a ticket against trac if you want a component for your own guide, or for any other purpose, to be created.