Mar 17, 2013:

8:55 PM Ticket #239 (Etag) closed by bob
wontfix: not possible
8:55 PM Ticket #2 (Search Engine has an issue with international characters) closed by bob
wontfix: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/29 search needs rewriting
8:54 PM Ticket #101 (Add Metadata to search indexing) closed by bob
wontfix: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/29 search needs …
8:52 PM Ticket #234 (Logging infrastructure) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/37
8:51 PM Ticket #55 (redirect action=rc;username=Foo to action=userstats;username=Foo) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/36
8:50 PM Ticket #281 (_deg2string in OpenGuides::Template could be submitted as a patch to ...) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/35
8:50 PM Ticket #253 (Pass spam detector modules more) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/34
8:49 PM Ticket #163 (Output of RSS feed should not be parsed as wiki text) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/33
8:48 PM Ticket #150 (FastCGI port) closed by bob
wontfix: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/31
8:47 PM Ticket #302 (Add a macro to show a mini-map of a locale or category.) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/31
8:46 PM Ticket #136 (Internationalization support) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/30
8:44 PM Ticket #310 (Validate lat/long for leaflet API) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/28
8:43 PM Ticket #309 (Support locally-installed third party javascript/css) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/27
8:42 PM Ticket #308 (De-emphasize london.openguides.org) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/26
8:40 PM Ticket #306 (Distro should include some example external link images) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/25
8:39 PM Ticket #305 (Website and map fields should have external link class) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/24
8:38 PM Ticket #300 (padding added to leaflet boundries) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/23
8:37 PM Ticket #295 ("Missing metadata" search form should allow two-faceted search) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/22
8:36 PM Ticket #287 (Mobile-friendly CSS/HTML) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/21
8:35 PM Ticket #258 (New macro for number of items in a particular category or locale) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/20
8:34 PM Ticket #227 (Search Result Pagination) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/19
8:33 PM Ticket #169 (Printer friendly CSS) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/18
8:32 PM Ticket #147 (Abstract admin action routine) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/17
8:31 PM Ticket #9 (Custom metadata fields) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/16
8:30 PM Ticket #292 (the "recent changes" page does not have a json representation) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/15
8:29 PM Ticket #290 (json output of a node should have the actual content AND the image ...) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/14
8:28 PM Ticket #286 (Make use of browser geo location data) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/13
8:27 PM Ticket #277 (Integrate UK postcode lookup) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/12
8:26 PM Ticket #201 (There should be an admin option to make preview above edit form ...) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/11
8:25 PM Ticket #140 (Ask fewer config questions) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/10
8:24 PM Ticket #122 (Bulk delete) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/9
8:23 PM Ticket #72 (Node renaming tool) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/8
8:21 PM Ticket #11 (Edit page category/locale selection) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/7
8:20 PM Ticket #225 (Prefs page needs test) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/6
8:19 PM Ticket #289 (time stamp is worng in json output of nodes) closed by bob
duplicate: https://github.com/OpenGuides/OpenGuides/issues/5
8:18 PM Ticket #264 (Wiki::Toolkit:RSS::Reader do we want it in openguides.) closed by bob
wontfix: This is less pain now.
8:16 PM Ticket #79 (Strip out HTML in all user input (apart from node content)) closed by bob
8:16 PM Ticket #36 (Separate out installation of the OpenGuides software from installing a ...) closed by bob
8:16 PM Ticket #299 (Build.PL should honour OPENGUIDES_CONFIG) closed by bob
8:25 AM Changeset [1464] by kake
Merge website changes to publish.
8:22 AM Changeset [1463] by kake
Add news of latest release (and update CSS to cope with this), replace …

Mar 16, 2013:

2:15 PM Changeset [1462] by bob
merge in stuff from 0.71 release branch
12:24 PM Changeset [1461] by bob
tag 0.71 for release
11:57 AM Changeset [1460] by bob
Add release date for 0.71
11:55 AM Changeset [1459] by bob
Bump version number for release
11:52 AM Changeset [1458] by bob
bump version number of OpenGuides::Build
11:47 AM Changeset [1457] by bob
create branch for 0.71 release
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