Apr 17, 2012:

11:33 PM Ticket #286 (Make use of browser geo location data) created by bob
Add JS to query browser for location and use this data. e.g 1) in …
11:01 PM Changeset [1349] by bob
added test files to MANIFEST. added css file to MANIFEST
8:36 PM Ticket #278 (Upgrade to gmaps v3) closed by kake
wontfix: Using Leaflet instead, implemented in [1336].
8:33 PM Ticket #183 (map index should be more intelligent) closed by kake
fixed: Fixed in [1336], [1344], and [1345].
1:51 PM Ticket #37 (No CSS file in distribution) closed by kake
fixed: Fixed in [1346], [1347], and [1348].
1:50 PM Changeset [1348] by kake
Use the basic OpenGuides stylesheet if they don't supply a URL in …
1:30 PM Changeset [1347] by kake
Style/design tweaks.
12:56 AM Changeset [1346] by kake
Moved some styling into basic stylesheet.
12:53 AM Changeset [1345] by kake
Added address and node link to Leaflet map popups.

Apr 16, 2012:

7:29 PM Changeset [1344] by kake
Deal with case where there are no nodes to display on map.
5:43 PM Changeset [1343] by kake
Documented switch to Leaflet.
5:40 PM Changeset [1342] by kake
Added support for indexing on category and locale at the same time.

Apr 15, 2012:

11:25 AM Changeset [1341] by bob
Updated Changes to add work done for #285
11:09 AM Changeset [1340] by bob
Added project metadata to Build.PL. See #285
9:45 AM Ticket #285 (add metadata for bugtracker and code repeo) created by bob

Apr 14, 2012:

4:30 PM Changeset [1339] by kake
Switched to new form of parameters for action=index - this will let us …
4:03 PM Changeset [1338] by kake
Made the backlinks_in_title config variable actually work.
3:43 PM Ticket #284 (errors from Test::HTML::Content about HTML parser error) created by bob
t/90_css_category_locale_classes.t .. 1/3 HTML parser error : …
2:50 PM Changeset [1337] by kake
Fixed warning I introduced in [1336].
11:56 AM Changeset [1336] by kake
Added support for using Leaflet instead of the Google Maps API.

Apr 13, 2012:

7:34 PM Ticket #262 (Recent javascript changes break parsing by Test::HTML::Content) closed by bob
fixed: (In [1335]) escape an end tag in JS . So Test::HTML::content will shut …
7:34 PM Changeset [1335] by bob
escape an end tag in JS . So Test::HTML::content will shut up. closes #262
7:18 PM Changeset [1334] by bob
remove warnings caused havign more mys than we need now.
5:22 PM Ticket #283 (possible missing dep) closed by bob
fixed: bogus failure. its a dep of Mime::Lite.
5:13 PM Ticket #283 (possible missing dep) created by bob
4:43 PM Changeset [1333] by bob
more tests for recent changes
4:05 PM Ticket #248 (Implement Content-Type negotiation for RDF output (aka Nicer URIs)) closed by bob
4:03 PM Ticket #282 (Geo::Coordinates::OSGB will need to be packaged for debian) created by bob
Geography::NationalGrid? was removed from CPAN. Replaced with this …
3:47 PM Ticket #249 (Static rendering) closed by bob
wontfix: ive looked into this and while its possibly with CGI::Cache. There is …
3:28 PM Ticket #196 (Need "revert all changes by x" tool and "revert guide to state at ...) closed by bob
fixed: I think this is fixed as we want it.
3:26 PM Ticket #195 (Further discussion of location of common category/locale stuff) closed by bob
invalid: time has passed and we obviously have nothing useful. common stuff …
3:24 PM Ticket #185 (admin audit trail) closed by bob
wontfix: Im the reporter and I dont think I care anymore
3:20 PM Ticket #169 (Printer friendly CSS) reopened by Dominic Hargreaves
No, the user doesn't know which parts of the document are relevant for …
3:18 PM Ticket #169 (Printer friendly CSS) closed by bob
wontfix: CSS so really a user decision. if anyone tackles #37 they may want to …
2:58 PM Ticket #121 (Add mapstraction support to OpenGuides) closed by bob
wontfix: kake plans to move us to leaflet
2:50 PM Ticket #92 (Spam filtering) closed by bob
fixed: spam stuff is now used by at least rgl and oxford.
2:49 PM Ticket #90 (Google Maps tests) closed by bob
wontfix: kake intends to move us away from google maps.
2:48 PM Ticket #85 (Custom user stylesheets) closed by bob
2:45 PM Ticket #76 (Interwiki linking) closed by bob
2:35 PM Ticket #40 (Metadata for other guides/reviews) closed by bob
2:30 PM Ticket #25 (More flexibility needed on prior versions of pages) closed by bob
2:25 PM Ticket #12 (Mandatory comment field) closed by bob
2:20 PM Ticket #4 (More helpful Create a page in this category link) closed by bob
11:37 AM Changeset [1332] by kake
Merge changes to publish.
11:36 AM Changeset [1331] by kake
Corrected date.
11:34 AM Changeset [1330] by kake
New news.

Apr 12, 2012:

3:49 PM Changeset [1329] by bob
tag for release of 0.66
3:45 PM Changeset [1328] by bob
merge 0.66 release branch
3:31 PM Changeset [1327] by bob
make sure the temp dir is created
2:51 PM Changeset [1326] by bob
Missing template file in MANIFEST and Build.PL
2:40 PM Changeset [1325] by bob
Commit to a release date

Apr 5, 2012:

9:04 AM Changeset [1324] by bob
now we require all 3 Geo Modules we should no longer skip tests if any …
8:37 AM Changeset [1323] by bob
require all 3 Geo modules we need.

Apr 3, 2012:

2:49 PM Changeset [1322] by bob
Geo::Coordinates::ITM is not installed by default so skip tests.
2:48 PM Changeset [1321] by bob
Lots of tests fail if we dont have Geo::Coordinates::OSGB. So adding …

Apr 2, 2012:

11:52 PM Changeset [1320] by bob
version bumps and copyright changes for a new release.
11:28 PM Changeset [1319] by bob
release branch for 0.66
8:13 PM Changeset [1318] by kake
Added documentation of my previous commit to the Changes file.
9:35 AM Changeset [1317] by kake
Fixed bug where missing metadata search was picking up redirect pages.

Mar 20, 2012:

12:16 PM Changeset [1316] by kake
Skip the right number of tests.

Mar 18, 2012:

9:49 AM Ticket #114 (Spaces in URLs should be transliterated to underscores) closed by kake
fixed: Fixed in [1315].
9:48 AM Changeset [1315] by kake
Added code to deal with node name parameters in URLs having spaces …
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