Jun 7, 2007:

7:49 PM Ticket #208 (closes: #nnn broken) created by Dominic Hargreaves
The post-commit hook in subversion for automatically closing trac …
7:33 PM Ticket #160 (Tidy up after hackfest and do a release) closed by Dominic Hargreaves

May 29, 2007:

7:18 PM RDF Workshop edited by Earle Martin
This discussion has moved to WikiRDF.org. (diff)

May 27, 2007:

11:11 PM Changeset [1039] by kake
Add YAPC news.

May 25, 2007:

3:06 PM CommitPolicy edited by Kake
Tidy up a bit, add question. (diff)
11:14 AM WikiStart edited by Earle Martin
link to new hackfest (diff)
9:25 AM FAQ edited by Kake
Info on upgrading database. (diff)

May 22, 2007:

8:25 PM Changeset [1038] by kake
Update news to mention 0.60.

May 15, 2007:

10:16 PM Changeset [1037] by kake
Added experimental support for local spam detection modules.
5:55 PM Changeset [1036] by kake
Added an extra "edit this page" link next to the node name.

May 13, 2007:

5:59 PM Ticket #27 (There is no manual for OpenGuides) closed by Kake
invalid: This ticket is way too general.
11:35 AM Changeset [1035] by Dominic Hargreaves
9:34 AM Changeset [1034] by Dominic Hargreaves
Pre-release bits

May 10, 2007:

1:42 AM Ticket #144 (Common category/locale should be configurable) closed by Kake
fixed: Fixed through use of templates. Will go into wiki.conf once we have a …
1:40 AM Ticket #65 (User input routines for categories (and locales?) do not correctly ...) closed by Kake
fixed: This has been done, so closing this ticket.
1:37 AM Ticket #41 (Improvements to wanted pages) closed by Kake
fixed: This has been done, so closing this.
1:36 AM Ticket #39 (Spell checker) closed by Kake
wontfix: This is something that should be dealt with by the browser. Firefox …
12:26 AM Ticket #207 (we should NOINDEX some pages) created by bob
Search engines are doing the wrong thing with old versions of the …

May 8, 2007:

2:15 AM Changeset [1033] by kake
Suppress expected warnings in ping test.
2:09 AM Changeset [1032] by kake
Remove eval of empty string (caused warnings when running tests).
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