Jan 9, 2007:

1:41 PM Ticket #171 (Titles attributes on links) created by Ivor Williams
see …
1:39 PM Ticket #170 (Reorder node template to put content at the top) created by Ivor Williams
This is to improve the page ranking of guide pages in search engines. …

Jan 4, 2007:

2:42 PM Ticket #169 (Printer friendly CSS) created by Ivor Williams
It would be nice to have an option for viewing OpenGuides pages …

Dec 23, 2006:

1:49 AM Ticket #168 (Use of uninitialized value in concatenation in t/53) created by bob
t/53_show_index....................ok 1/23Use of uninitialized value …
1:24 AM Ticket #167 (absence of wiki::toolkit::plugin::ping causes test failures) created by bob
when doing a ./Build test t/74_ping_plugin...................ok …

Dec 22, 2006:

10:26 AM Changeset [921] by Earle Martin
Add background color to body as reported at …

Dec 21, 2006:

10:18 PM Changeset [920] by Dominic Hargreaves
10:17 PM Changeset [919] by Dominic Hargreaves

Dec 20, 2006:

8:21 PM Changeset [918] by Dominic Hargreaves
don't duplicate stuff
8:00 PM Changeset [917] by Dominic Hargreaves
More updates, ready for release today

Dec 17, 2006:

7:08 PM Ticket #166 (Autocapitalisation should be optional.) created by Earle Martin
I'm not sure how we ever came to the conclusion that node titles …
5:23 PM Changeset [916] by Earle Martin
Minor indenting fix.
5:22 PM Changeset [915] by Earle Martin
Get rid of a warning about uninitialized value in eq.
5:10 PM Ticket #165 (Can't specify db port in OpenGuides::Config) created by Earle Martin
OpenGuides::Config doesn't allow specification of a port for the db …

Dec 15, 2006:

11:33 AM Ticket #164 (Create redirect method for formatter) created by Earle Martin
There should be a method in the formatter that returns the appropriate …
11:01 AM Ticket #163 (Output of RSS feed should not be parsed as wiki text) created by Earle Martin
Looks like leading spaces on lines in RSS output are being interpreted …
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