Mar 3, 2006:

11:15 PM openguides.org edited by Dominic Hargreaves
update charlotte (diff)

Feb 25, 2006:

2:45 PM Ticket #87 (Pass through source for mirror sites) created by Ivor Williams
A mirror site should really be read only. But, how should an edit …

Feb 23, 2006:

4:57 PM NickBurch edited by NickBurch
add plans for moderation (diff)

Feb 22, 2006:

10:10 PM Changeset [736] by Dominic Hargreaves
More Google Maps tweaks.

Feb 21, 2006:

11:28 PM Ticket #86 (redirects under mod_perl) closed by Dominic Hargreaves
fixed: (In [735]) Fix mod_perl redirect bug (closes #86)
11:28 PM Changeset [735] by Dominic Hargreaves
Fix mod_perl redirect bug (closes #86)
11:22 PM Ticket #86 (redirects under mod_perl) created by Dominic Hargreaves
From crschmidt: Currently, when running OpenGuides under mod_perl, …

Feb 20, 2006:

6:31 PM Ticket #85 (Custom user stylesheets) created by Ivor Williams
I think it would be really useful if people could set their own CSS …

Feb 18, 2006:

12:05 AM Ticket #84 (Completely redesign openguides.org) created by Earle Martin
Nuff said. Anybody know any designers?

Feb 17, 2006:

11:58 PM Ticket #83 (Rationalise setup for london.openguides.org) created by Earle Martin
London.og is a mess internally, featuring a number of custom hacks and …
2:01 AM Overview edited by grimoire
Template Toolkit (diff)

Feb 16, 2006:

9:42 PM OpenGuidesHosting edited by grimoire
Details on people offering hosting. (diff)
2:06 AM Overview created by grimoire
New entry; needs more detail on searching
12:27 AM OnlineDocumentation edited by grimoire
Moving database setup before OpenGuides software installation. (diff)
12:15 AM DebianPackages created by grimoire
New Entry

Feb 15, 2006:

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Fix RDF acronym (diff)
7:25 PM OpenGuides edited by grimoire
More beginner-friendly text (diff)
7:14 PM Ticket #82 (Search link from Kake's perl.com article to london is broken) created by grimoire
While reading [http://www.perl.com/pub/a/2003/10/31/openguides.html
6:57 PM OpenGuidesNetwork created by grimoire
New Entry
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New link, clearer text (diff)
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New Entry
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New Entry
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New Entry
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Link to Online Documentation (diff)
4:31 PM Ticket #81 (Make "Category" and "Locale" prefixes in autogenerated nodes optional ...) created by grimoire
I believe that having "Category" and "Locale" prefixed to the name of …
4:18 PM NickBurch created by NickBurch
4:14 PM WikiStart edited by NickBurch

Feb 9, 2006:

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Feb 6, 2006:

6:31 PM Ticket #80 (Linking to a node with no name causes a crash) created by Ivor Williams
See http://manchester.openguides.org/?id=Wheel_Of_Manchester&version=1
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