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Undeletable garbage nodes on

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Component: openguides Version: 0.50
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Thu Dec 9 19:22:29 2004 EMARTIN - Ticket created [Reply] [Comment]

Subject: Undeletable garbage nodes on

If you view the list of all pages in Category Locale:;index_type=category;index_value=Locales

The first page is "Locale", which doesn't exist(?) - and I can't delete it. Also, further down is "Locale [Trafalgar Square;version=2", which was created a while back by somebody's web robot going beserk, before we disabled autocreation. I tried to delete it, but didn't notice that the Delete Node link pointed to;action=delete , and ended up deleting "Home" by mistake. Whoops.

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Thu Dec 9 19:23:36 2004 EMARTIN - Correspondence added [Reply] [Comment]

s/pointed/pointed erroneously/;

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Mon Dec 13 19:20:16 2004 DOM - Severity Normal added Wed Dec 29 15:25:35 2004 EMARTIN - Correspondence added [Reply] [Comment]

This seems to be related to RT 6389; certainly there's something amiss with the delete function. Maybe some characters not being escaped properly?

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Sat Jan 1 22:05:46 2005 DOM - Ticket 8814 RefersTo? ticket 6389.

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comment:1 Changed 16 years ago by Dominic Hargreaves

Did anything ever happen with this?

comment:2 Changed 16 years ago by EarleMartin

Severity: normalmajor
Version: 0.50

"Locale [Trafalgar Square;version=2" is still there, and I still can't get rid of it (IIRC, I left it there on purpose as a test case rather than fudging the database directly).

Incidentally, this bug has exposed a security problem that lets us get spammed. Look for "Locale Hello Guys, Interesting Discussion... BTW What You Think About Fight Against Alcohols And Drugs Detox" - the second half of that title in the list of locales is a working hyperlink to another site. I'd rate this as a higher severity in that light. (Although that may merit a separate sub-bug about HTML in locale/category names not being escaped [in the template?] or some such.)

comment:4 Changed 16 years ago by Ivor Williams

Link above should be to Ticket #22 (ivorw is learning how to use the wiki effectively)

comment:5 Changed 16 years ago by Dominic Hargreaves

Component: openguides

comment:6 Changed 15 years ago by Dominic Hargreaves

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This is pretty much a duplicate, so I'm closing this.

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