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Welcome to rt.cpan.org

This site tracks bugs in every distribution released through CPAN.

To report bugs in perl itself, you're best off using the commandline 'perlbug' tool or rt.perl.org.

Below, you can search for distributions by name or author. When you've found the distribution you're looking for, you can browse known bugs and report new bugs.

To work with bugs, every module author with a PAUSE account can log into rt.cpan.org with their PAUSE userid and password. If you can't log in, don't have a PAUSE account or distributions you maintain aren't listed, please write to cpan-questions@bestpractical.com at your earliest convenience.

If you've got any questions, feel free to send mail to cpan-questions@bestpractical.com and we'll do our best to get back to you.

To submit a bug report for a given distribution by email, send mail to bug-distribution-name@rt.cpan.org. (distribution name would be something like DBIx-SearchBuilder or Class-DBI or Acme-Current-Forever)


    Jesse Vincent
    Best Practical Solutions, LLC

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