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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#43 Show priority in tickets-ordered-by-last-change report Dominic Hargreaves task normal trac
#57 Dependencies for tickets Dominic Hargreaves enhancement normal trac
#1 Review date field Dominic Hargreaves enhancement lowest openguides
#2 Search Engine has an issue with international characters Nobody defect lowest openguides
#4 More helpful Create a page in this category link Nobody enhancement low openguides
#8 Pluggable authentication enhancement normal openguides
#12 Mandatory comment field enhancement low openguides
#18 Break down address into separate fields Nobody enhancement lowest openguides
#19 RDF Tagging is inconsistent between different pages Earle Martin defect normal openguides
#25 More flexibility needed on prior versions of pages enhancement lowest openguides
#39 Spell checker Dominic Hargreaves enhancement low openguides
#76 Interwiki linking Nobody enhancement low openguides
#81 Make "Category" and "Locale" prefixes in autogenerated nodes optional or customisable enhancement normal openguides
#85 Custom user stylesheets Nobody enhancement low openguides
#90 Google Maps tests Nobody task normal openguides
#99 [[Image:FlickrID]] macro Nobody enhancement lowest openguides
#101 Add Metadata to search indexing Nobody enhancement low openguides
#121 Add mapstraction support to OpenGuides Nobody enhancement normal openguides
#132 Standardise pages Nobody enhancement low openguides
#150 FastCGI port Nobody enhancement low openguides
#155 Nicer 404 URLs Dominic Hargreaves enhancement normal openguides
#164 Create redirect method for formatter enhancement lowest openguides
#166 Autocapitalisation should be optional. Nobody enhancement lowest openguides
#171 Titles attributes on links Dominic Hargreaves enhancement normal openguides
#185 admin audit trail Nobody enhancement normal openguides
#198 Banned word list content filtering Nobody enhancement normal openguides
#236 nocontent divs bob enhancement low openguides
#238 Version number in navbar linking to diff is overkill Earle Martin defect lowest openguides
#239 Etag Nobody enhancement low openguides
#248 Implement Content-Type negotiation for RDF output (aka Nicer URIs) Nobody enhancement low openguides
#249 Static rendering Nobody enhancement low openguides
#264 Wiki::Toolkit:RSS::Reader do we want it in openguides. Nobody defect high openguides
#266 Using URI::Find rather than Data::Validate::URI Nobody defect normal openguides
#278 Upgrade to gmaps v3 Nobody task normal openguides
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