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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#310 Validate lat/long for leaflet API Nobody defect normal openguides
#309 Support locally-installed third party javascript/css Nobody defect normal openguides
#308 De-emphasize Nobody defect normal openguides
#306 Distro should include some example external link images Nobody defect normal openguides
#305 Website and map fields should have external link class Nobody defect normal openguides
#302 Add a macro to show a mini-map of a locale or category. Nobody enhancement low openguides
#300 padding added to leaflet boundries Nobody defect normal openguides
#299 Build.PL should honour OPENGUIDES_CONFIG Nobody enhancement highest openguides
#295 "Missing metadata" search form should allow two-faceted search Nobody enhancement normal openguides
#292 the "recent changes" page does not have a json representation Nobody enhancement high openguides
#290 json output of a node should have the actual content AND the image details (where applicable) Nobody enhancement high openguides
#289 time stamp is worng in json output of nodes Nobody defect high openguides
#287 Mobile-friendly CSS/HTML Nobody defect normal openguides
#286 Make use of browser geo location data Nobody enhancement high openguides
#281 _deg2string in OpenGuides::Template could be submitted as a patch to Geo::Coordinates::OSGB/ITM Nobody enhancement lowest openguides
#277 Integrate UK postcode lookup Nobody enhancement high openguides
#258 New macro for number of items in a particular category or locale Kake enhancement normal openguides
#256 Newly opened Nobody enhancement low openguides
#253 Pass spam detector modules more Nobody enhancement low openguides
#237 Preferences should remember what page you were on Nobody enhancement low openguides
#234 Logging infrastructure Nobody enhancement lowest openguides
#233 Double Quotes in the summary field Dominic Hargreaves defect normal openguides
#229 Allow miles in search by distance Nobody enhancement low openguides
#227 Search Result Pagination Nobody enhancement normal openguides
#225 Prefs page needs test bob task high openguides
#223 Redirect nodes shouldn't show up in search. Nobody defect normal openguides
#201 There should be an admin option to make preview above edit form default to "on". bob enhancement high openguides
#181 It would be good to have a "diff" view in the preview, like Wikimedia has. kake enhancement low openguides
#175 Spam in Opening Hours field can't be deleted Nobody defect normal openguides
#172 Unmoderated edits shouldn't appear in Recent Changes Dominic Hargreaves defect normal openguides
#169 Printer friendly CSS Nobody enhancement normal openguides
#163 Output of RSS feed should not be parsed as wiki text defect low openguides
#158 Start date and end date metadata fields enhancement low openguides
#147 Abstract admin action routine task normal openguides
#146 Character set needs defining Dominic Hargreaves enhancement lowest openguides
#142 unmoderated nodes display on home page recent changes Nobody defect normal openguides
#140 Ask fewer config questions bob enhancement high openguides
#136 Internationalization support Nobody enhancement low openguides
#127 "New node in this Locale / Category" links Dominic Hargreaves enhancement low openguides
#122 Bulk delete Nobody enhancement high openguides
#98 Category Dropdown selection Dominic Hargreaves enhancement normal openguides
#79 Strip out HTML in all user input (apart from node content) bob defect high openguides
#72 Node renaming tool kake enhancement high openguides
#71 Inline Google maps when geodata is present Dominic Hargreaves enhancement normal openguides
#68 Malformed user name input not blocked by preferences template Dominic Hargreaves defect normal openguides
#60 Default node content enhancement low openguides
#55 redirect action=rc;username=Foo to action=userstats;username=Foo Nobody enhancement lowest openguides
#52 "Locales" to be renamed "Areas" Dominic Hargreaves enhancement normal openguides
#40 Metadata for other guides/reviews Nobody enhancement low openguides
#36 Separate out installation of the OpenGuides software from installing a guide bob enhancement high openguides
#16 find all [things like this] within [distance] enhancement normal openguides
#13 Recent Changes table layout Nobody enhancement low openguides
#11 Edit page category/locale selection enhancement high openguides
#10 Support for pre-formatted text Nobody enhancement lowest openguides
#9 Custom metadata fields enhancement high openguides
#7 Regeneracja wałów Nobody enhancement low openguides
#5 Undeletable garbage nodes on defect normal openguides
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