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#201 duplicate There should be an admin option to make preview above edit form default to "on". bob Kake

At the moment, the preview appears below the edit form by default. Although this can be swapped over in the user preferences, it can be confusing to new users who haven't discovered the preferences yet. We should add an admin config option so admins can choose to have their guide default to "preview above edit form" unless a user chooses otherwise.

(Although this rearrangement could be accomplished in CSS, with suitable rearrangement of the edit form to use <div>s instead of tables, I think it's better to do it with conditional logic in the code/templates, since that lets us integrate it with the user preference.)

#202 fixed Edit form should have an internal anchor link to let people jump below the preview to the edit form. bob Kake

In cases where the preview is displayed above the edit form, there should be a link at the top to let people jump down the page to the edit form. If an admin doesn't want it, they can turn it off with CSS.

#203 fixed Let specific IP addresses bypass moderation. Dominic Hargreaves Kake

It would be useful to let specific IP addresses bypass the moderation mechanism. A comma-separated list in wiki.conf might do the trick.

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