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#16 duplicate find all [things like this] within [distance] jkg@…

Tue Jun 28 11:31:48 2005 guest - Ticket created [Reply] [Comment]

Subject: find all [things like this] within [distance]

It would be cool if the "find all pages within 500 metres" box on pages with geodata could have some extra options. Ideally, I'd love to see two radio buttons, one for "all pages", and one for "pages in Category [blah]", where [blah] is a drop-down list, populated with the categories of the current page.

When reading a restaurant review, I would then be able to do things like "find all restaurants within 1km of this one".

#36 duplicate Separate out installation of the OpenGuides software from installing a guide bob Ivor Williams

Currently, the install of OpenGuides is tricky, and doesn't allow a great deal of flexibility:

  • Running more than one guide on the same host
  • Upgrading the software

It is proposed that the install process be split into two distinct steps:

./Build install # install the software, run as root

./Build guide # Ask all the config questions about setting up a guide

# Set up the wiki.conf, CGI and database tables, run as www-data

Thus a CPAN(PLUS) or Debian apt-get install will only install the software, and not any guides. This exact mechanism can be used for software upgrades with the minimum of human effort.

As a side effect, the test suite will need revising, as the answers to the config questions about databases will not be known at this point.

Currently, the test suite is run against all the supported database drivers found (MySQL, pg, SQLite). These are destructive tests that are run against the databases concerned, and could have a devastating effect if run against the real production database.

I propose that instead, there are two options for running the test suite, either minimally via an SQLite throwaway database (the default), or running the tests against the full range of databases on the target machine - a full test. To do this will involve another new build target:

./Build testconfig # probe system for database drivers, and get authentification info

Once testconfig has been run, the test suite will run against all test databases, and the schemae and test data will be torn down on completion, and also at the beginning if the databases appear non-empty.

A full test with testconfig against all database platforms is recommended before shipping releases.

Note, this change will also insist on making DBD::SQLite a prerequisite module.

#49 invalid Remove obsolete metadata item "Map Link" Dominic Hargreaves Ivor Williams

The "Map Link" field was originally put in as part of the migration from UseModWiki for GrubStreet. This was before the geo coordinates were abstracted out as separate metadata.

As it is, "Map Link" usually does not convey any useful information which does not appear elsewhere in the metadata, and is not present in the RDF, hence cannot be mirrored. The exception to this might be sites that have their own custom "how to get there" page, but these are few and far between, and of limited use.

Each site can generate its own map links by processing the lat/long, OS_X/OS_Y or postcode, into a URL to an external mapping site. We can do much better than this, as is apparent on

This could easily be turned into a plugin, or probably just as easily be done in template logic.

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