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#16 duplicate find all [things like this] within [distance] jkg@…

Tue Jun 28 11:31:48 2005 guest - Ticket created [Reply] [Comment]

Subject: find all [things like this] within [distance]

It would be cool if the "find all pages within 500 metres" box on pages with geodata could have some extra options. Ideally, I'd love to see two radio buttons, one for "all pages", and one for "pages in Category [blah]", where [blah] is a drop-down list, populated with the categories of the current page.

When reading a restaurant review, I would then be able to do things like "find all restaurants within 1km of this one".

#17 fixed "" would be better called "" Earle Martin Earle Martin

Sun Oct 9 18:56:06 2005 EMARTIN - Ticket created [Reply] [Comment]

Subject: "SuperSearch?.pm" would be better called ""

Nuff said.

#18 wontfix Break down address into separate fields Nobody IVORW@…

Fri Oct 14 03:19:20 2005 IVORW - Ticket created [Reply] [Comment]

Subject: Break down address into separate fields

Currently, OG has two fields which are configured at guide level: country and city. This is not flexible enough, and can't cope with circumstances like "The Tourist Engineer".

While still retaining a metadata field called "address" containing "Foobar House, 2 Foobar Crescent" and suchlike, I propose the following configurable metadata fields:

town city county state country

Each of these is configured at the guide level to be one of the following:

  • A metadata field
  • Turned off
  • Forced to be a particular value e.g. London

In the latter case, the edit page presents a checkbox against the forced value. This will enable us to have addresses in "Richmond, Surrey" in the London guide for example.

Download (untitled) 706b

Sun Oct 30 10:05:39 2005 IVORW - Correspondence added [Reply] [Comment]

Starting to work on this one. Please let me know of any relevant points.

Download (untitled) 72b

Sun Oct 30 14:08:25 2005 IVORW - Correspondence added [Reply] [Comment]

A patch is ready (attached)

Download (untitled) 28b

Download rt15051.patch 13.1k

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