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#176 fixed We should always use WGS84 lat/long variables in the templates. Kake Kake

Suppose a guide accepts geodata as OSGB x/y. When the page is saved, we use Geography::NationalGrid::GB to convert these to lat/long, and store those in the database as well. Unfortunately these are actually OSGB lat/long, whereas most people/applications will expect WGS84 lat/long. We hacked around this for Google Maps display by using Geo::HelmertTransform to transform into WGS84 before talking to the Google API, but it would be better to do the transformation at page save time, so the lat/long is correct in the database, on the page, and in the RDF output.

This is likely an issue for OSIE guides as well.

#177 fixed fails to close a <p> element, causing test failures when Test::HTML::Content is installed. Kake Kake

Test::HTML::Content uses XML::Parser to parse the rendered HTML; is missing a closing </p> tag, and this causes XML::Parser to barf:

Failed Test                 Stat Wstat Total Fail  List of Failed
t/26_geo_data_search_form.t    9  2304    12    9  1 3-5 7-9 11-12
t/27_geo_data_edit_form.t     12  3072    18   12  1-4 7-10 13-16
t/39_search_form.t            27  6912    27   27  1-27
#178 fixed Autocapitalisation doesn't work properly in auto-created locales/categories. Kake Kake

If you add a category like "Vegan-friendly" to a node, then the auto-create doesn't capitalise it properly. It creates it as "Category Vegan-friendly", but everything else thinks it's called "Category Vegan-Friendly".

(I separated this ticket out from #166 because it's a separate issue.)

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