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#296 fixed "Missing metadata" search form should have map output Nobody kake

It should be possible to view the results of a "missing metadata" search on a map as well as in a list.

#294 fixed "Missing metadata" search form should offer more options Nobody kake

At the moment, the missing metadata search dropdown only allows limited options (category, locale, address, postcode, phone number, lat, long, OS x, OS y). It should also offer fax, image, map link, opening hours, summary, and website.

(Requested by Janet on the openguides-oxford mailing list.)

#127 duplicate "New node in this Locale / Category" links Dominic Hargreaves grimoire

When viewing a node in category "Category" or "Locale" (or viewing an index list for a given category or locale), the user should see a link entitled "Create a new node in this (category|locale)". This link will take them to the standard new page form, but will "remember" by way of a CGI parameter or hidden input tag the relevant locale or category. This will be pre-filled in by OpenGuides when the full node editing page is reached.

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