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#230 fixed Clarify the ellipsoid used when presenting latitude/longitude to the user in HTML Dominic Hargreaves Dominic Hargreaves

Most of the places we present lat/long (RDF, google maps) have a well specified WGS84 ellipsoid. However, the ellipsoid used is undefined when displaying on the node page.

Some people will assume that it's WGS84 and be confused when it's not. However it would be inappropriate to change the display format unilaterally to wgs84 without making it clear to the user.

A compromise should be reached where we tell the user the format the data is in.

#229 duplicate Allow miles in search by distance Nobody perigrin

I've been back in the states long enough now that search for everything within X [kilo]meters of long/lat doesn't quite grok as well as it did when I was in Europe.

Someone should look into making this at least accept "standard" units as well as metric.

#228 fixed RSS parse errors should be non-fatal Dominic Hargreaves Dominic Hargreaves

On eg

not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1, column 12, byte 12 at /usr/lib/perl5/XML/ line 187 

This appears to relate to RSS including which is now an HTML 404 page.

This error should be handled more gracefully.

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