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#57 wontfix Dependencies for tickets Dominic Hargreaves Earle Martin

Since Trac doesn't seem to have a concept of tickets relying on each other, could we have a custom text field (see TracTicketsCustomFields) on tickets to enter the numbers of other tickets that need to be fixed first?

#131 fixed Deprecate support for Search::InvertedIndex Dominic Hargreaves Ivor Williams

The CPAN module Search::InvertedIndex? is unmaintained and is problematical.

Skip the config question - assume that all guides will use Plucene. Subsequently, it may be possible to configure a guide to use Search::InvertedIndex?, but only by editing the config file.

Make OpenGuides dependent on Plucene.

A future release of OpenGuides may contain a different alternative search back end to Plucene.

#73 fixed Diff function considers trailing spaces to be significant Ivor Williams Earle Martin

See for example

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