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#102 fixed Use HTTP response codes correctly Dominic Hargreaves Dominic Hargreaves

For example, if I try to visit action=about when that action isn't defined, I should get an HTTP 404 or similar, rather than an HTML message about node not being found.

#103 fixed Category/Locales can be empty Dominic Hargreaves crschmidt@…

To reproduce:

In the category or location field, enter two newlines, followed by text.

To fix: replace map {} with grep {} in OpenGuides/Template?.pm (patch attached)

#104 fixed redirect=0 does not stop #REDIRECTs Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker grimoire

Example URL:

When a user attempts to access a node which is a #REDIRECT, they are automatically redirected. The new page they are viewing tells them which page they were redirected from, and there is a link to this node with a "redirect=0" parameter. It's reasonable to assume that this link will allow you to see or edit the #REDIRECT but in fact it just redirects the user back to the target of the #REDIRECT.

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