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#85 wontfix Custom user stylesheets Nobody Ivor Williams

I think it would be really useful if people could set their own CSS url in user prefs. This would make developing look & feel so much easier.

However, I'm wondering if we want the user CSS in addition to the site one or instead.

What do others think?

#259 invalid Data validation/correction in databases Nobody Dominic Hargreaves

Various bits of data validation have been missing in OpenGuides for a long time. Some of them have now been fixed but some junk data will still be in databases. Need to identify all these cases and orchestrate a fix as part of a Wiki::Toolkit schema upgrade (if possible) or if not, with a standalone script.

#307 invalid De-emphasize Geo::Coordinates::OSGB Nobody Dominic Hargreaves

This perl module has been hard to get into Debian (see I am planning to upload it to non-free so that we can get on with things, but this means that openguides either has to be moved to contrib, or made to work without Geo::Coordinates::OSGB in some configurations (so that the dependency becomes a Suggests). I would prefer the latter.

Hopefully this is just a documentation/Build.PL issue, but I haven't checked yet.

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