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#27 invalid There is no manual for OpenGuides Earle Martin

Fri Nov 4 04:54:22 2005 EMARTIN - Ticket created [Reply] [Comment]

Subject: There is no manual for OpenGuides

A start has been made at .

Download (untitled)

#42 fixed "About" output Earle Martin Earle Martin

There should be an "action=about" method in wiki.cgi that produces an "About this guide" page, with information about the OpenGuides install (version number, logo, link to website, etc). I figure a link to this could replace the standard OpenGuides link at the bottom of every page.

There should also be a link on that page to "action=about;format=rdf" which would produce DOAP output about the software.

#43 wontfix Show priority in tickets-ordered-by-last-change report Dominic Hargreaves Earle Martin

It would be nice if this report could have a "priority" column.

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