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#94 fixed preferences.cgi should let you go back to the page you were on bob Earle

Should be easy enough using the referer [sic] HTTP header.

#33 fixed Non-registered users can change ticket properties Dominic Hargreaves EarleMartin

Being able to change priority, severity etc. should be restricted to registered users.

#18 wontfix Break down address into separate fields Nobody IVORW@…

Fri Oct 14 03:19:20 2005 IVORW - Ticket created [Reply] [Comment]

Subject: Break down address into separate fields

Currently, OG has two fields which are configured at guide level: country and city. This is not flexible enough, and can't cope with circumstances like "The Tourist Engineer".

While still retaining a metadata field called "address" containing "Foobar House, 2 Foobar Crescent" and suchlike, I propose the following configurable metadata fields:

town city county state country

Each of these is configured at the guide level to be one of the following:

  • A metadata field
  • Turned off
  • Forced to be a particular value e.g. London

In the latter case, the edit page presents a checkbox against the forced value. This will enable us to have addresses in "Richmond, Surrey" in the London guide for example.

Download (untitled) 706b

Sun Oct 30 10:05:39 2005 IVORW - Correspondence added [Reply] [Comment]

Starting to work on this one. Please let me know of any relevant points.

Download (untitled) 72b

Sun Oct 30 14:08:25 2005 IVORW - Correspondence added [Reply] [Comment]

A patch is ready (attached)

Download (untitled) 28b

Download rt15051.patch 13.1k

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