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#307 invalid De-emphasize Geo::Coordinates::OSGB Nobody Dominic Hargreaves

This perl module has been hard to get into Debian (see I am planning to upload it to non-free so that we can get on with things, but this means that openguides either has to be moved to contrib, or made to work without Geo::Coordinates::OSGB in some configurations (so that the dependency becomes a Suggests). I would prefer the latter.

Hopefully this is just a documentation/Build.PL issue, but I haven't checked yet.

#306 duplicate Distro should include some example external link images Nobody kake

Now we use the "external" class for external links, we should send along some little external link images in the distro. RGL and CGC have some in different colours that we could nab.

#305 duplicate Website and map fields should have external link class Nobody kake

Now we're using CSS to indicate external links, the website and map links fields in the metadata should also have a class of "external".

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