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#195 invalid Further discussion of location of common category/locale stuff Nobody Dominic Hargreaves

Kake things the common cat/locales should be in the navbar; this possibly conflicts with design work done by Torchbox. We should try and discuss the best way to go forward in conjunction with finding out if we are likely to get anything usable out of Torchbox.

#196 fixed Need "revert all changes by x" tool and "revert guide to state at yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm" tool Nobody nick

To deal with spam attacks, we need the following two tools:

  • revert all changes by username (be that a name or a ip)
  • revert all changes since a certain date

For the former, grab node id and version, delete those from content and metadata, roll node back one version, then copy content over.

For latter, grab last node id and version before date, delete all versions after on metadata and content, roll node back to last version before data, then copy content over.

#198 wontfix Banned word list content filtering Nobody Dominic Hargreaves

We need some simple banned word content filtering.

Earle has submitted the attached as a start on this, which is probably half-there, but really this should be done in Wiki::Toolkit as a pre-write plugin?

To be discussed post 0.59.

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