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#9 duplicate Custom metadata fields Earle Martin

Mon Jan 3 19:19:15 2005 EMARTIN - Ticket created [Reply] [Comment]

Subject: Custom metadata fields

At present, many pages on OGL have pseudo-metadata like "nearest tube station" which has to be entered into the main text box. It would be advantageous to be able to define arbitrary extra metadata fields with unique names to which user-visible labels would be assigned, and which would subsequently appear in the edit page.

Should an arbitrary field subsequently be removed by a site maintainer, I would suggest that any data entered into nodes using it should be retained in the database, in case the maintainer changes their mind.

Download (untitled) 534b

Mon Jan 3 19:30:51 2005 EMARTIN - Correspondence added [Reply] [Comment]

List discussion of this bug at

Download (untitled) 99b

#15 fixed Category/locale links in metadata behave differently to normal links Dominic Hargreaves Earle Martin

Fri May 27 08:51:32 2005 EMARTIN - Ticket created [Reply] [Comment]

Subject: Category/locale links in metadata behave differently to normal links

At present any categories or locales displayed in a node's metadata appear as links whether they exist or not. This is different to how normal links work.

E.g. for "Locale Whatever" which does not exist (slashes in example indicate a link):

in metadata: /Locale Whatever/ in page: Locale Whatever/?/

If a locale/category does not exist, it should be displayed in the metadata with a question mark. This way some feedback would be provided as to whether the "right" category or locale has been entered at edit time and reduce the creation of redundant categories.

#17 fixed "" would be better called "" Earle Martin Earle Martin

Sun Oct 9 18:56:06 2005 EMARTIN - Ticket created [Reply] [Comment]

Subject: "SuperSearch?.pm" would be better called ""

Nuff said.

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