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#251 fixed Add foaf:depiction to RDF output if image was added to page Earle Martin Earle Martin

If an image URL is available, add it as a foaf:depiction to RDF output.

#250 fixed Improve contributor RDF Nobody Earle Martin

At present:

      <foaf:Person rdf:ID="Name">


    <dc:contributor rdf:about=";format=rdf" />

As the current design of the system (no specific user profile pages) stands, the output will be faintly semantically odd as it will imply that each person is a dc:contributor to themselves. But, I suppose there's some philosophical truth to that, and it's still better than the current output.

#248 will allow further improvement to:

    <dc:contributor rdf:about="" />

And if user profiles are ever implemented,

    <dc:contributor rdf:about="" />

which, with Content-Type negotiation, is the optimal case.

#249 wontfix Static rendering Nobody Earle Martin

Idea: rejig the code to static render ("bake") pages. This could result in a significant load reduction on any busy server using OpenGuides.

How to:

1) Move the rendering step from page load time to save time. 2) When a user saves a page, channel the output to a file. 3) Redirect the user to the file.

Some template adjustment will be needed to the base URL for inter-page links.

I think dynamic rendering is fine to be kept for historic versions of pages as they're rarely requested, and to save static copies of all of them would be unnecessary.

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