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#89 fixed Google Maps support should deal with converting between coordinate systems Dominic Hargreaves Dominic Hargreaves

This is largely so that UK grid coordinate based guides work - they are currently based on the Airy system but we need to feed Google Maps WGS84 data. For now those guides have to use force_wgs84 and have their points out by some 10s of metres.

#91 fixed Document quoting pipe characters in URLs Dominic Hargreaves grimoire
Description shows|0|0|0 which is a valid URL but which CGI::Wiki cannot autoformat. Also, trying to use it as the URL of a text link does not render properly.

#92 fixed Spam filtering Nobody Ivor Williams

I have released CGI::Wiki::Plugin::SpamMonkey to CPAN. This is an alpha release, as I am not familiar with SpamAssassin? and SpamMonkey? rules, so more work needs to be done here potentially.

The code in OpenGuides can be made to do a spam check for all commits (previews also, probably), and redirect to a static HTML page if spam is detected.

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