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#86 fixed redirects under mod_perl Dominic Hargreaves Dominic Hargreaves

From crschmidt:

Currently, when running OpenGuides under mod_perl, redirects do not work, because the Apache $r object associated with the CGI object do not exist. (You get an error message: Can't call method "send_cgi_header" on an undefined value at (eval 64) line 62.)

This happens both after an edit, and when following redirects, and possibly in other cases as well.

After some investigation last night, I tracked the source of this down: currently, OpenGuides redirects use a class method of CGI:


However, this does not work. It seems that class methods in this case never initialize the Apache request variable that is needed in order to send_cgi_header.

The solution for this, is to replace CGI->redirect calls with:

my $q = new CGI;

I have too little knowledge to be able to speak to whether this is a fault within CGI or a fault within OpenGuides usage of it. However, this change has allowed me to successfully use mod_perl on the Open Guide to Boston in testing, and this fix or a similar fix should probably be integrated into OpenGuides in either case, since upgrading the system is a difficult task. The current debian packages for stable include mod_perl 1.999.021, which is not compatible with 3.16, and upgrading mod_perl requires a full removal due to an API rename (as described at

The code that needs to be changed is in, in two functions:

sub redirect_to_node
sub find_within_distance

A patch which makes these changes is attached.

#87 fixed Pass through source for mirror sites Ivor Williams Ivor Williams

A mirror site should really be read only. But, how should an edit request be dealt with?

Granted the mirror site could have the templates patched to remove the edit link. But this wouldn't stop spammers. Also, this wouldn't solve the problem of mirrors that also contain some of their own content.

The way to detect that a page is mirrored, is that there is a 'source' metadata item, containing the URL of the page on another guide.

This should be passed through to the templates, which can do the necessary.

This change will have no effect on guides which are not mirrors.

#88 fixed Failing test t/31_search.t Ivor Williams Ivor Williams

Doesn't render very well in the wiki, so I'll add an attachment.

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