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#49 invalid Remove obsolete metadata item "Map Link" Dominic Hargreaves Ivor Williams

The "Map Link" field was originally put in as part of the migration from UseModWiki for GrubStreet. This was before the geo coordinates were abstracted out as separate metadata.

As it is, "Map Link" usually does not convey any useful information which does not appear elsewhere in the metadata, and is not present in the RDF, hence cannot be mirrored. The exception to this might be sites that have their own custom "how to get there" page, but these are few and far between, and of limited use.

Each site can generate its own map links by processing the lat/long, OS_X/OS_Y or postcode, into a URL to an external mapping site. We can do much better than this, as is apparent on

This could easily be turned into a plugin, or probably just as easily be done in template logic.

#50 fixed rdf output - minor nitpicking Earle Martin maks

a friend of mine looked at the rdf output of london.o.o and vienna.o.o, he found 2 minor issues:

A) <rdf:Description rdf:about=""> the about should contain a link to the doc itself as the link will not change or should not change.

(Remark on irc: <@hex> BTW, as far as I know rdf:about="" is equivalent to rdf:about="URI-of-this-document", that's certainly how the RDF validator seems to interpret it.)

B) the other issue concerns <dc:contributor>Anonymous</dc:contributor> it should be: <dc:contributor><foaf:nick>Anonymous</foaf:nick></dc:contributor> see ->

you can of course choose another FOAF Basics.

#51 fixed Having opening hours defined should mark a node as SpatialThing in RDF Earle Martin Earle Martin
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