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#91 fixed Document quoting pipe characters in URLs Dominic Hargreaves grimoire
Description shows|0|0|0 which is a valid URL but which CGI::Wiki cannot autoformat. Also, trying to use it as the URL of a text link does not render properly.

#104 fixed redirect=0 does not stop #REDIRECTs Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker grimoire

Example URL:

When a user attempts to access a node which is a #REDIRECT, they are automatically redirected. The new page they are viewing tells them which page they were redirected from, and there is a link to this node with a "redirect=0" parameter. It's reasonable to assume that this link will allow you to see or edit the #REDIRECT but in fact it just redirects the user back to the target of the #REDIRECT.

#127 duplicate "New node in this Locale / Category" links Dominic Hargreaves grimoire

When viewing a node in category "Category" or "Locale" (or viewing an index list for a given category or locale), the user should see a link entitled "Create a new node in this (category|locale)". This link will take them to the standard new page form, but will "remember" by way of a CGI parameter or hidden input tag the relevant locale or category. This will be pre-filled in by OpenGuides when the full node editing page is reached.

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